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friends only
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This is the journal of Claudia, a twenty-year-old university student.  Entries are friends only.  Comment to be added.

» I only add those I already know.
» I only post sparingly about my hobbies. If that's your interest, you're better off following my flickr or my doll account. (Comment to find out either username.)
» For the time being I don't use filters, so you're either in for all or nothing :P
- Claudia

moving journals :)
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Hellooooo everyone. I've decided to make milouco my only LJ account. Since I have my blogspot blog for life stuff, I don't really use this account, and checking two friends lists (especially when some of you are on both) is tiresome for my lazy self :< So please add milouco (and/or my blogspot blog if you use RSS)!

milouco milouco milouco milouco milouco


Ok, thanks guys! Hope everyone had a happy holidays :) My mum and I cleaned out Anthropologie today, bahahaha.

187 . helloooooo
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Hellooooooo!! Long time no post... What with studying for my MCAT and then trying, in my last week of break, to have a real summer, i didn't really think to update :'D

Well, I'm back to school now, moved back to Guelph and everything. Classes are going well, and I have an anatomy lab this semester with my fairweather (her treatment of me, not vice versa) friend Amanda that's been really interesting already.

Ok, I'm gonna keep this short because I'm posting from my new iPhone (!!!) and for some reason the LJ app's text input doesn't have the regular keyboard's usual auto editor and it's really annoying, haha. Just thought I'd pop in to say, "hi, I'm still alive!"

PS any app recs? :)

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[public] friends cut
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I hate doing friends cuts, but since I don't use filters on this LJ, I guess it's kind of inevitable that I pare down the flist as peoples' (including my) interests change. However, if you would like to continue following my hobby-centred content, feel free to add me at flickr (dolls) or tumblr (inspiration/photography). You can also add me on facebook, if you like; comment for my info :]

If you were cut, know that I have nothing against you as a person, I just wasn't (to be very honest) reading your entries because our mutual interests had changed. But who knows, maybe we'll cross paths again in the future.

If anyone who wasn't cut would like to remove me, please just drop me a farewell comment and then feel free to un-add, no hard feelings :]

So long!


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